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my teacher for these classes I’m taking was telling us stories about Darren Criss(she taught him for 10 years????) and apparently he was in her improv class when he was younger and they had to be an animal and he had his arms and legs up and when she was like wtf are you he said he was roadkill

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darren, chris and max


darren, chris and max

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someone tell me how this works pls


Interview with Darren on his role in the Cleveland Show.

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Darren Criss & Fergie - The Cleveland Show (x)


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Darren, you amazing human.

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The way Blaine eats vs. the way Darren eats.

This is hilarious.


He also talks about Matt Bomer on “Glee,” Kurt and Blaine’s future, StarKid’s new tour, singing with Kermit and oh so much more!

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�Every time I come home, I do my perfect day. I’m not going to give away all the details and spoil it, but it usually involves going to my favorite sandwich place. If you know me, you know where I’m talking about, and I’ll see you there soon. Ocean Beach is kind of a Zen place for me, as cold and foggy and gross as it can be sometimes. I have many fond memories of going there with friends and walking for miles and talking. It’s a very therapeutic, baptismal place to get rid of things, to talk things out. If my life were some cheap novel, the beach would be a blatant literary device to carry the theme of peace and cathartic revelation and all that. The beach would be the thing you write a paper about after reading the book.�

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about to puke orgasms




about to puke orgasms

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The result of procrastination of a Korean pre-med student. Obsessed with many things, but current obsessions include: Teen Wolf, Supernatrual, Korean webtoons (신령, 죽마도), K-Pop, J-Pop, J-Rock, and LOTS of gaming.



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