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colinsglasses Asked:
Hey! Answer this with 10 random facts about yourself and then pass it on to ten of your favorite followers. :P

My answer:

1. I have a legit phobia of flies and papercuts. (IDEK WHY)

2. I slip into a weird Southern accent when I get really hyped up, because I first learned English in a slightly Southern-accented household when I first moved to America. (I also only realized the reason for my Southern accent this year LOL)

3. My voice is naturally higher pitched (VERY noticeably so) when I’m speaking Korean versus English, but this change in pitch doesn’t happen when I speak other languages (e.g. Spanish, Japanese).

4. I once sat through 2 entire seasons of Supernatural in 2 days while studying for my organic chemistry midterm, yet I somehow got the highest score in class for that test. LOL. IT’S THE MIRACLE OF SUPERNATURAL I TELL YOU.

5. I analyzed the character Kurt Hummel for my college admissions essay to the school that I’m currently attending. Hey, they liked it enough to let me in! 

6. I once wanted to be a firefighter AND a ballerina at the same time. I would’ve been one cool bitch.

7. I was the second best fighter in my ghetto-ass elementary school back in Korea where we actually had blown out fights with fists.. HA…Hahaha…Ha…. And I never realized how ghetto my school and town was until I talked to the international Korean students at my current university and they asked me whether I was from North Korea from the sound of my experiences. 

8. I used to know over 500 Chinese characters when I was in 1st grade. Too bad I forgot more than half of those while growing up TvT

9. I hold the official 2nd degree in the art of origami making (from Korea). Technically I’m certified to publish books on origami making.

10. I know how to do a blood choke and accidentally almost knocked someone out in mere 10 sec during martial arts practice.. I’M SO SORRY. I DIDN’T MEAN TO ALMOST KILL YOU.

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�Relationships are about trust and I don’t trust you anymore.�

Kurt Hummel (4x06)

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 #kurt’s snapped his fingers at you during sex before hasn’t he

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 #burts just like #omfg i’m the funniest fucking dad ever i mean seriously who comes up with this shit i should win a tonya oh wait is it a tony yeah im such a comedian why doesnt kurt ever appreciate my jokes oh well #hes the one in the skirt

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Chris Colfer describes Kurt as a “Tough Guy in Designer Jeans.” (x)


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Blaine just really likes bow ties…and this is the real reason why Cooper is coming to the show~ to help with the intervention : (
Practice doodle as warm up~


Blaine just really likes bow ties…and this is the real reason why Cooper is coming to the show~ to help with the intervention : (


Practice doodle as warm up~

The result of procrastination of a Korean pre-med student. Obsessed with many things, but current obsessions include: Teen Wolf, Supernatrual, Korean webtoons (신령, 죽마도), K-Pop, J-Pop, J-Rock, and LOTS of gaming.



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